4 Ways of Eastern Brutality - Split Release

Split Release
Track Listing: 

Cranial Schism
1. Konspirasi Monotheisme
2. Shitting On A Crucifix

3. Understand Death Has No Use For Time
4. You Killed Yourself

5. Proctology Process
6. Cockless

Rektal Tuse
7. Zile Basar Gibi
8. Analitik Geometri


I love split releases and this one piqued my interest as I had heard of a couple of the bands but the other two were new to me. This is a release from two Indonesian bands and two Turkish bands, so what do you get? A cracker of a release that’s what!!

First band up are a band I am familiar with Cranial Schism from Indonesia, their two tracks are tech grind similar to Necrophagist and feature some cracking guitar work with some really good breaks. The vocals go from deep growls to pig squeals and the two tracks they have are both really good and any band that comes up with a title of “Shitting on a Crucifix” is alright in my book!

Next band up are also from Indonesia and are called Rever, not a band I have heard off before but their version of death/grind is mightily impressive. They have a heavier, simpler style than CS from the opening tracks but it is really good. Brutal riffing and some good guitar work make their two tracks very listenable indeed, a band I would like to hear more from.

Third band on this release are Turkish slam/brutal death metal band Makattopsy, similar to Rever in as much as its two more tracks of brutal riffing and steady drumming. Their second track “Cockless” has a great chugging riff and this band from Istanbul really do make me want to find out more about them. I like the build up with a slower style that ends up going fast by the end of the track.

Last band up are the mighty Rektal Tuse from Turkey, a band I am familiar with and in my humble opinion the best band on here. They have a different style to the other three band coming from the punkier end of grind core. The music is fast and the guitar and drumming are totally manic!! The second of their tracks “Analitik Geometri” is a bit slower in pace, with a good repetitive riff before punking it up again.

All in all a cracking release well worth getting for your collection, makes me want to check out all the bands and add even more material to my collection!!!

Label Name: 
Extreminal Productions