A Bombardment From Souther Paradise - Compilation

Track Listing: 

1. Internal Suffering - Choronzonic Force Domination
2. Purulent - Garavitos Pedophilia Tales
3. Ancient Necropsy - Bend The Head... Because You Will Be Beheaded
4. Carnal - Carnal
5. Saproffago - Scavenger Dwellers
6. Suppuration - Decrepita masturbation
7. Nihil Obstat - Zero Probability
8. My Plague - Vulgar Assasin with Cannibal Instint
9. Melting Flesh - Fetus Head Collection
10. Carnivore Diprosopus - Whore Collector of Testicles
11. E.R.F. - Gunnin All Around
12. Amputated Genitals - Human meat gluttony
13. Blessed Slaughter - Fortuitous Bloodshed
14. Corpse Decay - Holocaust In Nazareth
15. Meat Grinder - Horny Pig
16. Phalogore - Brutal Homophobic Rape
17. Postmorten - Cesarea Sin Anesthesia
18. Trapped In The Morgue - Deformed Souls Carnival
19. Vortice - Vortice
20. Mindly Rotten - Mindly Rotten
21. Blaze Inside - Universal Organism
22. Wormeaten - Rusty Chains and Claustrophobia


Are you a real fan of brutal death and grind? Than you know that South America is rich of those perferted, twisted, sick and destorted bands. Mutilation Records has compiled 22 bands and gave them some space on this compilation. So hearing beside some known names (Internal Bleeding, Wormeaten, Purulent or Nihil Obstat) you get plenty of other good bands. It not easy to say something about each band seperatly but I suggest you buy the album yourself as this is a fucking nice compilation of death grind metal.

Label Name: 
Mutilated Records