Age Of Woe - An Ill Wind Blowing

An Ill Wind Blowing
Track Listing: 

  1. Voices Of The Unheard  
  2. Bad Blood 
  3. Kiñe Weza Kuruf Konkey  
  4. Heavy Clouds  
  5. Havens Burn To Cinder  
  6. Ill Winds  
  7. Halo Of Flies



This is death metal/crust punk from Sweden - with a certain nihilistic sludge in their arsenal. Leaning more into the sludge field on certain tracks, there’s a dank nihilistic approach, a sense of emptiness when you immerse yourself into the cataclysmic soul of tracks like 'Heavy Clouds'. The first couple of tracks start out typically crusty death metal, then what I call the experimentation begins. That is when the low end slow and heavy, gut wrenching screams bellow out their torturous stories and the vibrations resonate through your rib cage. 'Havens Burn To Cinder' brings a behemoth of energy to the proceedings, building then making its crescendo known when the rot n roll death metal begins. Screams of torture, screams of pain, this is actually rather infectious, I really get immersed into this feeling provided by Age Of Woe. Sit in a darkened room and release your mind, you’ll easily drift into their vision. 

'Ill Winds' takes a more conventional approach with sludge driven death metal, when the verse starts, your head starts going and the music with its melodic overtones sends you off to that other plateau once again, whilst the main basis of the track absolutely batters takes your legs from you and slaps you when you are down. Although not quite in the same field, it makes me think of the energy of the Kylesa sound. Age Of Woe add a touch more though, the bleak instrumental sections make you feel cold, and if easily led by your imagination, you’ll feel afraid.

I find this release very thought provoking, very intense and rather pleasant actually. I like albums that have different dimensions and that do more than merely merge sounds. Age Of Woe build impressions in your mind, some will hate I am sure, but get to this mode of enjoyment and come through with a pleasing grin on your face, then you’ve witnessed "An Ill Wind Blowing".

Label Name: 
War Anthem Records