Aggression - Fragmented Spirit Devils

Fragmented Spirit Devils
Track Listing: 

  1. At Play In The Fields Of Satan 
  2. Chapel Of Horrors  
  3. Unleashing The Ghost  
  4. Insanity Without Indulgence  
  5. Halo Of Maggots 
  6. Furnace Creek  
  7. Dark Shadow Crossing  
  8. Strangulation Ejaculation  
  9. Evil Pox 2016
  10. Razamanaz (cover Nazareth)



It’s good to hear these guys back, I liked their debut "The Full Treatment" although I didn’t realise it was released near 29 years ago! This Canadian thrash group now engage a touch of death metal influences into their music, but only marginally, like on ‘Unleashing The Ghost’. For the most part of the release, this is a cool in depth thrash record. The more melodic of the thrashers and more riff orientated come to light with two tracks in particular, namely ‘Furnace Creek’ and ‘Dark Shadow Crossing’. Now I cannot find any reference to any guest slots, but the centre vocal section and the chorus of the latter sound like Dave Mustaine. A nice touch, maybe I’m picking that up wrong, but hey, that’s what it sounds like to me!

Of the rest of this anti church thrasher, there are plenty of plus points. No tracks sound like a filer and all have a respectful place on the release. ‘Evil Pox’ is an older track re-recorded, you can also tell that by the guitar arrangement, and the track ‘Strangulation Ejaculation’ really hits the spot. Their Nazareth cover actually sounds more Motorhead in places, perhaps the speed element and the way its recorded, but still a good track all the same. 

All in all, Aggression have an album that sits between classic thrash (the faster early US variant) with some more modern death metal riffs and drum signatures. A solid release and very enjoyable overall, plus a welcomed return to the scene.

Label Name: 
Xtreem Music