Amken - Theater Of The Absurd

Theater Of The Absurd
Track Listing: 

  1. Shattered Sanity      
  2. Theater Of The Absurd     
  3. D.A.P.      
  4. Obedient Dogs      
  5. Wired      
  6. Soul's Crypt     
  7. Sacred Machine      
  8. Addicted To Green



This thrash metal from Greece.. that could be my whole review, but as I listened to thrash intently in the 80’s it’s been sometimes a love hate relationship. The resurgence about 10 years ago fizzled out, now there’s only a handful of worthy new-ish bands out there. Amken to quote a Michael Caine line “blow the bloody doors off”… and the windows, and the walls… The energy and precision of the opener ‘Shattered Sanity’ really proves that Amken are a force to be reckoned with. It is refreshing, they have captured the spirit of thrash and speed, kind of like Darkness meets Death Angel, but combined it in a way that it doesn’t get pigeon holed into one camp or another. 

The adrenaline rush continues with the title track ‘Theater Of The Absurd’. If you haven’t already destroyed everything in your path up to now, then take a breather for ‘Obedient Dogs’….until the intro ends that is. What is especially great about this album is the production, the drums and bass especially. They can often be overlooked, but here, the power and presence in the mix is on equal par to the crushing guitars, it also challenges your speaker cones with them being so prominent too. The precision of the guitars is second to none also, each riff and solo is meticulously played out, effortless in its complexity. 

‘Theater Of The Absurd’ is a perfect thrash album, it has everything, a perfect mix, a great use of style and song arrangement and an overall presence that makes you spin this well into double figures time after time.  Of recent times, this is the most enjoyable thrash release by an underground band, period.

Label Name: 
No Remorse Records