Ars Moriendi - Your Soul On Our Screen

...On Our Screen

This 3 track CD is released at the end of 2005 and most likely it will be the forrunner of the new album in 2006. Ars Moriendi is still playing thrash metal like on Dissimulated (2004) but it is moving around. It has got a touch of metalcore and even death metal. Vocals are raw and shouty while the guitars still remain prominent and even the use of a violin (?) in the end of the 1st track. "Frustration" is the best song for me because the stewing bassdrums and the melodylines. While the last track is more mid tempo with a faster part in the end but it is rather a dull song and too much towards metealcore. Variation enough and curious what the full length will do.

Label Name: 
Self released