Artwar - Covered In Blood

Covered In Blood
Track Listing: 

  1. Generation Kill  
  2. Conflict Free  
  3. Conspiracy 
  4. Covered In Blood  
  5. Blinding Pain  
  6. American Justice  
  7. Mask Of Insanity  
  8. Architect Of Vengeance  
  9. Die To Dream



This is death/thrash from Mexico, the opener ‘Generation Kill’ is full on and includes some cools riffs, I like the upwards running riff, then the melodic sections come into play and I am reminded mainly of the heavier "Demonic" period of Testament. The gruff vocals, the heads down approach to the delivery, intense is a good word to describe the first few tracks. ‘Blinding Pain’ is another riff monster, the beating of ones skull in a blender would be a good one to compare too.

The full release follows in a similar vein, the brutality of ‘Mask Of Insanity’ helps cement that feeling. Then the melodic riff, clearly Artwar are more than just another death/thrash combination. They standout with the riffs, the delivery and overall feel. The vocals are pretty consistent in their tone, but that not a bad thing, there’s some cool quality to this release, far more than some bigger names, perhaps there’s more than meets the eye in Mexico these days. Artwar are a class act and "Covered In Blood" is a damn fine effort.

Label Name: 
Mayko’s Records