Atomgott - Apatheia

Track Listing: 

  1. Intro
  2. Es Zerfällt Von Selbst
  3. Blutrausch Des Irrsinns
  4. Die Richter Ihrer Selbst
  5. Geboren In Schmerz
  6. Tiefste Dunkelheit
  7. Ausgemerzt! (feat. Breene of Lower Than Zero & Goreminister of Kadaverficker)
  8. Zeitalter Der Lügen
  9. Ihr Habt Euch So Gemacht
  10. Streaks Of Blood



First full length for these German death metalers. "Apatheia" is the name of the full length and it succeeds their EP of the same year with the same title. Atomgott is a rather recent band in the scene. 2011 was their year of birth and since then they released a demo an EP and this first full length. Their approach to the extreme sound is a brutal death metal based hybrid of the genre. This means that you will hear everything you want to hear when it comes to brutal death metal, embellished with lots of death core interleaves, all blended with a really technical approach.

"Apatheia" combines everything. From the simple slam fifths and the deep gutturals to the technical sweeps. Everything is there and Atomgott have the discipline of what , how and when. They know what they need to use, how to use it and when to use it. Mid tempo palm muted riffs give their place to blast beats and then it all goes wild. Swirling themes and downbeats coexist in the same album in harmony. Short intro and the first song breaks the silence blasted and relentless. 'Es Zerfällt Von Selbst' (all the lyrics are in German) definitely sums up everything I just mentioned before. Technical and relentless. Crazy blast beat and the guitars take you from slam, to technicality, to death core and then to brutal death metal and slam again. 'Blutrausch Des Irrsinns' is the second song after the intro. Here’s another one combining four five genres together easily. Blast beats for start and then somewhere in the middle, after an old school Morbid Angel-ish riff, comes the death core. Then back to old school again and so it carries on. From hot to cold and backwards. From fast to slow and on and on. "Apatheia" is all about that.

The songs are a perfect combination of all mentioned above and of course don’t think for one minute that the album lacks personality due to these many genres flying freely. The album is solid as a rock and cohesive. Production helps a lot to that. Loud and muddy as it should be but also clear enough to make every instrument visible. Heads up for the guest vocals from Breene of Lower Than Zero and mr Goreminister of Kadaverficker on track 7 with title 'Ausgemerzt!'. The great cover art is the last piece of the puzzle here and what an awesome way to start once career in music. Check em out!

Label Name: 
Self released