AttracthA - Engraved

Track Listing: 
  1. Darkness
  2. The Choice
  3. Blessed Life
  4. Beginning



AttracthA is a new band out of Brazil (which seems to be a hot spot for new metal these days.) So with all the new music coming from Latin America and South America, and with all the newer subgenre’s, it’s kind of fun to see an old school hard rock/heavy metal band pop up. Not a mix of old and new sounds, or something “influenced by” the old school sounds. These guys play heavy metal.

So far AttracthA has only released one four song EP, titled "Engraved", in 2012. Even though there are only four songs right now, they’re four good ones. After sitting down and listening to "Engraved" a few times through I found that there wasn’t one song that I enjoyed any more than the others. They all seem to have been given equal time and effort.

The quality on the recordings is really clear and crisp, and definitely sound professional even though these guys are unsigned right now so there’s (probably) no one giving them the funds to get top quality. They’re doing this on their own for the love of it. From the sound of things, they put a lot of pride into how their music is presented. Everyone plays their part skillfully and they all work together. It’s very traditional vocally with a strong, powerful, sound soaring over the instrumentals.

Overall I think AttracthA is making some really fun music. It’s something that everyone can enjoy, it embraces the origins of metal, and it’d be great to listen to out at a bar with some friends. Hopefully they keep it up and "Engraved" finds some people who really appreciate it, maybe we can hope for a full length album in the not-so-distant future? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Either way I would suggest giving "Engraved" the less-than-thirty-minutes it takes to listen to all four songs just see how you like it.

Label Name: 
Self released