AttracthA - No Fear To Face What's Buried Inside You

No Fear To Face What's Buried Inside You
Track Listing: 

  1. Bleeding In Silence  
  2. Unmasked Files (Revisited)  
  3. 231  
  4. Move On  
  5. Mistakes And Scars  
  6. No More Lies  
  7. Holy Journey  
  8. Victorious  
  9. Payback Time



This is straight metal from Brazil, a debut full length album. Although I do find this delving into the near progressive field, very much possessing a feel of Nevermore, in both arrangements and vocal sounds. The level of musicianship is impressive, the band clearly have worked on getting every little detail right first time. Perhaps a little too clinical for me, as it’s lacks a touch of rawness but that’s just my personal preference. 

‘231’ is an instant hit, with a style and chorus that you can sing along too instantly whilst the second track ‘Unmasked Files (Revisited)’ starts with a more sinister sound from the guitars, then kicks into a touch of older classic US metal. The added groove and pinch harmonics give it a more modern flavour but again positively, you can sing along to it easily. ‘No More Lies’ is the albums obligatory ballad, even this kicks in later and provides a real warm sense of passion, especially form the vocals. 

At first, I wasn’t convinced with this release, it’s a common theme, however after living with the album for some time its clear that once you delve beneath the surface, there a great qualities just itching to make a statement. Whilst the album may position itself against a strong arsenal of peers, the album has enough of its own positive merit to entertain and retain your attention. Musically the band are talented, the arrangements get there eventually and even suffice a grumpy person such as I!

Label Name: 
Shinigami Records