Aversed - Renewal

Track Listing: 

  1. Prison Of Existence  
  2. Renewal  
  3. Living Denial  
  4. Sorrowful Eyes  
  5. Aversion



This is Boston, Massachusetts based melodic death metal, their second EP now under the name Aversed as opposed to Aversion. Whilst the style seems to be picking up again in the US and Canada, the smaller bands and labels to my mind anyway, don’t get a lot of attention on this side of the Atlantic. That said, some is good, but there’s a big market. Aversed differ as the vocal style of Haydee Irizarry is so varied. There’s gruff heavy vocals, cleaner, then even cleaner in the Amy Lee style that is especially prevalent on the opener ‘Prison of Existence’. This also picks up some “core” in the music style and vocal too. It’s oh so clean vocal that really puts me off as I don’t see it fitting with such a heavy music stance in the background. When we get collectively heavy, then yes, that works for me, but you still hear some quality issues.

The songs themselves are ok, there’s a bright level of creativity on show clearly, but not necessarily delivered to perfection. Not everything is I know, but I find I am flipping from one style to the next, and that really is highlighted with the vocal style changes. ‘Aversion’ fits more to my pallet, an older track, but overall I don’t sit easy when listening to this.

Label Name: 
Self released