Azooma – The Act Of Eye

The Act Of Eye
Track Listing: 

  1. Act 1 - Plague Of Predator
  2. Act 2 - Umbra Of Mirth
  3. Act 3 - The Ocular Dominance
  4. Act 4 - Erosion Of Shadows
  5. Act 5 - Non-Entity Of Visions
  6. Act 6 - Flare Of Flames
  7. Act 7 - Objectivity Of Oblivion
  8. Act 8 - The Eyes_ A Tale Of Sight & Shadows



Well, this album jumped out of nowhere and kicked me straight in the balls! I was looking up another album I was thinking of buying and saw in the corner of a website I can’t for the life of me remember the name of (and have never been able to find since) a headline "Album Of The Month" I was also intrigued by the gorgeous artwork so had a look and discovered a treasure of a band.

Hailing from Iran, Azooma release their first full length "The Act Of Eye" following an EP in 2014. Released on Avulsed front man Dave Rotten’s label Xtreem Music. "The Act Of Eye" is a monumental piece of work. It is a multilayer intertwined album which swings from the brutal and technical to the melodic and ambient. Think of the structure of later era Death, the complexity of Nile and the planning and variety of textures used by Obscura and Necrophagist. 

The album is an hour long and the tracks go between 6 minutes to an epic 12 minutes but the album never gets boring. The band aren’t ones for repeating themselves either so there aren’t many (if any) repeated parts or choruses for example. This leads to the tracks bleeding in each other and while listening to the album in one sitting it can be hard differentiating songs however this really isn’t an issue because the album is so entertaining. There is a lot to digest and it is a bit of a whirlwind during the first couple of listens but invest a bit of time with the album and it’s a gift that keeps giving. Each listen maps out more and more and you discover so much going on that you may have missed beforehand. 

This is just a perfect hour of music. This album literally has everything. It covers every base from death metal to traditional heavy metal there is even some bluesy psychedelic rock influences during the more spacey, proggy parts and it all melds together beautifully. All the musicians are top class in their abilities. It’s just a perfect album that puts many a band in much higher places to shame.

Label Name: 
Xtreem Music