Biomimic - Exogenous Embryonic Empire

Exogenous Embryonic Empire
Track Listing: 
  1. Hollow Earth
  2. Reptilian Intellect
  3. Double Helix



I think that this a prime example of an innovative, imaginative concoction of progressive/thrash metal that certainly dominates. The riff-writing by the band displays complexity, originality and sheer aggression. There is total variety on the tempos, their aura, mixture of vocal styles ranging from death metal vocals to high end screams. The band shows so much potential and just with a 3 song demo! The riffs are entirely original and imaginative, not to mention technical as all hell. The leads are exceptional and this band needs to grow in popularity! It'd simply do them justice. To hear such sounds, but what can what one think, but "sheer domination."

A lot of eerie intro sounds intermingle here and some clean tone guitar is exhibited. But overall, the music and aura is what to admire by this band. Not to mention the quality that was put forth in the recording. Really well executed everything, the riffs are also melodic in nature, but also the blast beating fits well with the bands unique songwriting style. I'd have to say that some of the vocals were irritating, but I suppose that they were implemented to give variety instead of just deep throat. The leads were well executed and pretty crazy, you could hear in some instances that the wah pedal was implemented here.

The unique sound of the bands musical approach and genres simply captivate the listener. They sure did with me. No real objections regarding any of these songs, they were well thought out and the musicianship is bursting with talent. I think that the struggle lies within the fact that they're not well known enough here in Chicago. The music just dominates with very much sounds like a mixture of Vektor, et al. There is so much that this band can progress, with no limits. They sure play from the heart and their sound is quite admirable. I'm not merely saying this to appease the band or other people that know about this band, I'm saying what I'm hearing flat out.

I think that the aggression and hatred is rampant plus the intensity is way high. A lot of energy geared toward becoming incredible musicians that they seem destined to be. All members contribute a great deal to the recording and I think that as the band continues to progress musically, then they're going to make the metal scene less stale, especially because well established bands have literally gone to hell. A great deal of work was done on their part musically. Such riffs that are entirely innovative and definitely their influences seem to be a plethora of bands, but this one is exhibiting a road less traveled by.

In summation, I'd say that this band has so much hope for the future especially if they can continue to contribute such amazing sounds and aura of progressive/thrash that's molded to be among the greats if they continue their onslaught among the metal realm. Such diversity from every aspect-vocals, guitar, leads, intros, etc. They really need their word out and really support the scene because they totally dominate. Young talent is rampant and Biomimic deserves that praise. They worked very hard on this and are way up to date with the production quality. Not a dull moment to this one, it's awesome the whole way through!

Label Name: 
Self released