Black Rose - Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys
Track Listing: 

  1. Boys Will Be Boys
  2. We’re Gonna Rock You
  3. Just Wanna Be Your Lover
  4. Baby Believe Me
  5. No Point Runnin’
  6. Fun And Games
  7. First Light
  8. Burn Me Blind
  9. Stand Your Ground
  10. Knocked Out
  11. Liar (‘Boys Will Be Boys’ 7” Single)
  12. We’re Gonna Rock You (from ‘Black Rose EP 1983’)
  13. Used & Abused (from ‘Black Rose EP 1983’)
  14. Red Light Lady (from ‘Black Rose EP 1983’)
  15. Stand Your Ground (from ‘Black Rose EP 1983’)



NWOBHM, born out of Cleveland in the once industrial heartland of Northern England have been active of late on the live circuit, Blood & Iron Records have re-released their debut album with additional bonus EP tracks and ‘Liar’ from their single ‘Boys Will Be Boys’.  

I always found Black Rose more melodic, they always played with melodies more than other bands who were more riff orientated, which works out fine really. The Anthems ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ and ‘No Point Runnin’’ are real highlights. Then you have ballad tracks like ‘Baby Believe Me’ that shows a completely different and more versatile side of the band. Of the original 10 tracks of the debut, the sound is fitting, without sounding necessarily dated. The EP tracks from a year earlier, do however sound dated. They are presented in their raw format as you would hope, I suppose it depends on your personal preference, I find these rather honest though, proper blood sweat and beers. 

For a first official CD release, it’s certainly worth it. With extensive personal liner notes, the story of Black Rose is one of bare bones love for the music and if you catch these guys at a gig or festival, you will know they stick kick it live!

Label Name: 
Blood & Iron Records