Blinded For Lies - Unity

Track Listing: 
  1. Together
  2. Opposites
  3. Farewell
  4. Dream Breaker
  5. Father
  6. Wasteland
  7. Astray
  8. Heavy Hearted
  9. Main Life
  10. Alone



Spanish quintet Blinded For Lies are ultimately ready to make huge waves rather than simple splashes with their debut record 'Unity'. Focusing on the unique textures bordering the metalcore genre, the band are fixated on merging their sound with their peers in the final goal of creating something atmospheric, blistering and thundering as this debut album. 

A brief introduction sets the record's mood as it erupts into 'Opposites' - a technical approach to the genre, filled with the band's key components of complexity and hook-driven grooves, topped off with harsh mid-ranged growls for vocals. These vocals are commonly set upon throughout the album by the band's impressive vocalist, Nico Martin who barely looks as if he's hit his teens, yet his monstrous and hugely sounding vocals pack a powerful and promising punch. 

'Wasteland' is the debut single, and music video. An obvious choice for the band to of picked, containing their most creative, and heavier segments. Whilst lacking in the memorable department, the riffs are somewhat catchy and there's no doubt about it you'll have your head banging throughout not only this track, but the whole album. 

 Catering for fans of Parkway Drive, Misery Signals, and August Burns Red - this young band are severely capable of breaking their local scene and ranging out to display what they can do.  Catchy singalongs provide 'Unity' with a chance to catch metalcore fans alike, as the risk of having no clean vocals for a band of this nature can often be hit or miss. The real treat on the record is how the breakdowns are not abused, and often replaced with enchanting instrumental build-ups, breathing life into the atmosphere of this creative first record. 

Label Name: 
Necromance Records