Blood Feast – The Future State Of Wicked

The Future State Of Wicked
Track Listing: 
  1. INRI
  2. Off With Their Heads
  3. Brethren
  4. By The Slice
  5. The Underling
  6. Last Rites
  7. Who Prays For the Devil
  8. Nein
  9. Remnants II
  10. The Burn




Reformed or rather reborn Blood Feast have reassembled with a new line up with guitarist Adam Tranquilli being the only member who played on the bands cult classic debut 1987’s “kill For Pleasure” and together have put together this stunning piece of work. 

“The Future State Of Wicked” literally screams into action and kicks into 'INRI'. New vocalist Chris Natalini has a scratchy harsh vocal somewhere in between Kreator’s Mille Petrozza and Exodus Steve Souza, we have shredding riffs, we have a fantastic drumming from Joe Moore. Before “INRI” even has a chance to finish the band kick into 'Off With Their Head' which is ridiculously catchy with an Exodus style chorus which you just know will have crowd participation during the bands live show. Things slow down slightly on tracks like 'The Underlying' this has a bit more of a darker atmosphere along the lines of “South Of Heaven” or “Seasons In The Abyss” and has an awesome slow Sabbath section which is fucking awesome. The same goes for 'Who Prays For The Devil' these serve as little breathers between the chaos but break things up nicely. Each track bleeds into the next and everything is thought out and well-paced.

This album is everything a thrash album should be, it relentless, brutal and fun! This album just brings to mind beer, headbanging and moshpits! It has that perfect balance of being super tight but could fall apart at any second. Every musician is on top of their game, there’s fantastic riffs, melodies and blistering solos. This is Blood Feast’s best album hands down. Albums this good are what all bands that reform or reboot should aim to release. There’s talk of a live already and a new studio album. I hope this line up carry on for the next decade and we have plenty more to come because this album is fantastic.

In the last fortnight it hasn’t left my car. This is a contender for album of the year.

Label Name: 
Hells Headbangers