Bloodphemy - Blood Will Tell

Blood Will Tell
Track Listing: 

  1. Folie A Deux  
  2. Catch 23  
  3. Disgusted  
  4. Undesired  
  5. Blood For Me (re-recorded)



This is Dutch death metal done in a hybrid of the slower masters of death (e.g. early Asphyx), the groove element of latter Carcass with the crusty filth of the Entombed sound. The material is delivered without going too far overboard with the distortion set up and thus retains much of an organic analogue feel in the sound. Although only 5 tracks, the power is consistent the delivery top notch and the production is perfectly balanced. 'Blood For Me' may be a re-recording but this version has balls and for me sits in the "Heartwork" era of Carcass. Along with 'Catch 23' there’s some real guile about Bloodphemy. But if you go back to the start and the thunderous rumblings of 'Folie A Deux', then you build upon this solid foundation throughout the EP. 

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about this release, its precise, heavy and full of energy. The quality is on par with the bigger names of death metal, although I wonder if some tracks were recorded at different times and/or in different studios as there is a marginal change in sound from the start to the end of the EP. That said, and having said previously, this is all good music. The vocal delivery is rough but decipherable. Essentially vintage but modern in the same vein if you get my meaning, there’s no hero worship, but a cool hybrid of a few different sounds bringing the material of Bloodphemy to life (or death). 

For my first encounter with this band, they are certainly notable and ones to watch. There’s tireless visions of death here and the darker side of human nature is captured perfectly. A solid effort all in all.

Label Name: 
Sleaszy Rider Records