Bodily Dismemberment - Cabin Of Horrors

Cabin Of Horrors
Track Listing: 

  1. Book Of The Dead
  2. Within The Woods
  3. Morbid Lust
  4. Into The Cellar
  5. One By One
  6. The Turning
  7. Posses The Living, Raise The Dead
  8. Bodily Dismemberment
  9. Devour Of Souls
  10. Naturon Demonto
  11. Dead By Dawn



Now this is very cool indeed! I’m not sure if this is a one off project or what it will lead to but "Cabin Of Horrors" is the debut release from a two man project Bodily Dismemberment and, well to hell with it’s a concept album! The album is based solely on Sam Raimi’s masterpiece "The Evil Dead" each track telling a different stage of the film. The lyrics are littered with quotes from the film. "Within The Woods" has a chorus of 'Join Us' for example. Kam Lee of Massacre and Mantas fame pop’s up on this track to do some backing vocals also. 

So anyway, cool theme aside how does the album sound? Exactly how you want an album based on the greatest B-movie ever to sound. Old school, slow dirty death metal, the band play take the less is more, keep it simple approach and play death metal in the vein of Massacre, Morta Skuld, Autopsy. They know when to let go and let the riff breath and instead of a blast beat for the sake of it the drummer will play a simple beat and let the track flow and there some heavy as fuck sections because of it! That’s not to say there isn’t any shredding on this there is plenty of break neck headbanging opportunities here.

This is a great little project and is a super fun listen. I implore you to go check this brilliant album out!

Label Name: 
Self released