Bonded By Blood - The Aftermath

The Aftermath
Track Listing: 

  1. I Can’t Hear You
  2. Shepherds Of Rot
  3. The Aftermath
  4. Crawling In The Shadows
  5. In A Wake
  6. Repulsive
  7. Among The Vultures
  8. Show No Fear
  9. Restless Mind
  10. Left Behind
  11. Killing In The Name Of (cover Rage Against The Machine)


This is a band that was part of the new wave of thrash metal a few years ago, now on album number three, this US band have matured into a well-oiled cohesive unit and ‘The Aftermath’ is their perfect statement of improvement. Gone are the ninja turtle references, BBB now has a more mature approach. The song writing is precise, even with the addition of Mauro Gonzales that brings a different tone to the previous singer and much loved frontman. This is not to say that it is perfect, there is a raw aggression missing, but as I’ve said, the band have moved on and matured.

‘Left Behind’ has a certain Death Angel class to its structure, a few screams here and there keep you awake and in some quarters like ‘Among the Vultures’ and ‘Crawling in the Shadows’, BBB have a Heathen influence. This is portrayed in the guitar riffs that sound tight, strong and have a trademark bay area appeal. I am still not sure if a RATM cover has a place on a mature thrash album, but I guess the band are trying to coin some of their favourites from their youth, even though there is no influence in the BBB sound at all.

This is a sturdy third release, some folks are always going to complain about changes, but changes are necessary otherwise you end up being stagnant and can be in danger of producing the same album time after time. Very much following the path of UK thrashers and label mates Evile, BBB have grown up, I do wonder if this is indeed a natural occurrence or more cynically their label influence as both bands mentioned have had the same growth spurt, but I cannot complain, this is a strong thrash album that feels like an experienced band flexing their muscles and giving the people a welcomed change from the standard thrash delivery that young bands think people want. Growing up has its fruitful benefits, ‘The Aftermath’ certainly holds true to this statement with a great improvement in song arrangements.

Label Name: 
Earache Records