Brutality – In Mourning

In Mourning
Track Listing: 

1. Obsessed
2. The Past
3. Destroyed By Society
4. Waiting To Be Devoured
5. Died With Open Eyes
6. In Mourning
7. Subjected To Torture
8. Calculated Bloodshed
9. Extinction



After successfully releasing their first new full length in 20 years Repulsive Echo are reissuing the band’s rare gem “In Mourning”. 

Now “In Mourning” was released in 1996. At this time metal was at an evolving stage, the heyday of death metal was just finishing. Thrash was dead. Machine Head were on their second album, Fear Factory had not long released "Demanufacture". Korn were on their second album so nu-metal was well under way. Pantera were at the height of their career. At this time many thrash and death metal bands were adopting an emphasis on groove into their sound……. Not Brutality!

The timing of this album was probably its downfall but the trends of the time has come and gone and “In Morning” has aged like a fine wine and sounds as fresh as ever. This is 47 punishing minutes of pure shredding, blastbeating death metal. While the band still put a bit of melody to good use, there is no clean melodic parts or keyboard passages like found on their debut “Screams Of Anguish” this album is balls to the wall throughout and the melody used like on 'The Past' for example just add to the malice and ferociousness of the album. The solos on the album are quite bluesy at times which is a nice touch like what can be found on 'Destroyed By Society' or at the beginning of 'Waiting To Be Devoured'. Scott Reigal’s vocals are as deep and monstrous as ever yet so clear. He is easily the genres most over looked vocalist. 'Calculated Bloodshed' is just a crazy track with pummeling drums and frantic riffs and time signatures. The whole album is punishing from start to finish.

With Monstrosity and Malevolent Creation, Brutality sticks out as one of the hardest hitting bands from Florida. They really should have been bigger. 

This album is simply superb; this new package is an essential purchase for a death metal fan. This album has been missing from out collections for far too long!

Label Name: 
Repulsive Echo Records