Brutality - Ruins Of Humans

Ruins Of Humans
Track Listing: 

1. Ruins Of Humans
2. Irreversibly Broken



When the time comes to speak a piece for a band as Brutality, a band that was there in the time of the making of what you love to listen, has some of the most infiltrating albums released, and of course inspired so many bands to play, it all gets very complicated! Brutality is a death metal titan, alive since 1988, releasing its first full length "Screams Of Anguish" in 1993, which succeeded numerous demo tapes, EPs and singles! In the year 2013 this giant has been awakened from his almost 20 years (they have had a demo, live CD, compilation disc and a box set released since then but not an official full length) slumber, with a brand new EP, which will foretell the outcome of their new full length CD (can't fuckin wait). It brings you the chills just by sayin such things. I mean… these guys had their last full length back in 1996! Most of the guys listening to death metal now were only born in 1996 and some, not even close!

So here we are, pressing the play button in this two track EP from the masters! Its title is "Ruins Of Humans" and the first track is the title track. It starts of with some lead guitar themes and some whispering vocals before it unleashes its main theme which is what those guys can do best! Heavy riffs and raging drums followed by a singer that only knows how to growl relentlessly, and a bass guitar so heavy that it brings down the heavens! The production is awesome, and dirty as it should be! A lot cleaner than their previous albums, but still dirty enough to make this whole thing feel like a swamp! The hellish atmosphere is all there! It is just like a long gone friend knocking at your door after years of separation. The same joy, and the same smile in your face! The second song has the title "Irreversibly Broken" and it follows the lead of the first one but is a little shorter in length!

Both of the songs are big in length though. The first one is 8 minutes and the second 5, and this is something that troubled me a lot during the hearings. I have come up with bands that play long songs, but their style is different. I seriously cannot remember a song from Brutality larger than 7 minutes in length! And if there was any, it definitely is not the first pick when I want to listen to a song of them!! And here comes the part of the utter truth and the moment I hate most when it comes to bands I like so much. The whole EP stands well amongst various of releases in 2013, and how couldn't it? This is Brutality doin what they know best! The thing that troubles me the most is that the songs are soo long, and the riffs that they choose to build their songs upon, in my opinion do not support such a length! To balance the length of the songs, Brutality has fit a lot of soloing and a lot of guitar lead themes! Everything on a technical matter is perfectly executed, and has no flood, but when it comes to the overall view of this EP and after the first enthusiasm fades, I have to say that it sounds a bit tiring! You know… the feeling you get when something should have stopped earlier and for some reason it just keeps going. I really think that the big length of the songs is a major negative on this EP! There really was no need for an 8 minute song especially when all those minutes loop back and forth to 4-5 basic riffs! And unfortunately repetition is an element that can't slip away unnoticed! "Ruins Of Humans" is not a bad EP people. It is just not the exact stuff I was expecting from this awesome band!! But no more nagging. The titans are back and everyone should give a shot in a band that amongst others built this fucking genre. An awesome appetizer, just to keep us warm, awaiting for their new holocaust! Brutality is back motherfuckerzzz!!

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Self released