Carnage Inc. - Fury Incarnate

Fury Incarnate
Track Listing: 

  1. Dawn  
  2. Defiled 
  3. Fury Incarnate  
  4. Day Of Delirium  
  5. Ungod



From India, where a lot of material is coming out of lately brings us Carnage Inc. A fairly primitive but rewarding thrash release. 'Defiled' makes more noise like the classics, more so the early British thrash scene, it's not until you get to 'Ungod' and the former 'Day Of Delirium' you get a more modern flavour of Slayer. More so with some of the vocal screams, then you may well find yourself reminiscing around the "South Of Heaven" era. I must stress, it's not a direct comparable, merely suggested every once in a while. 

The production is primitive, but better than demo quality, maybe the song structures won't set your world alight but there plenty of the material that pleases for any thrash fan, although I would struggle to make this stand out too much in the crowd. My only gripe is the long extended intro track 'Dawn', I felt I wanted the music now, not another intro!

All in all, a solid effort, worthy of your time and cash and certainly a band to watch with interest in the future, as this is their debut effort.

Label Name: 
Transcending Obscurity Distribution