Carnal Decay – Chopping Off The Head

Chopping Off The Head
Track Listing: 

1. Mary And The 3 Kings
2. Shotgun Facelift
3. Chopping Off The Head
4. One By One
5. Bowel Bondage
6. Raptured By Torturing
7. Fartover
8. Mutilation Is My Passion
9. Redatory Instinct


Second album for this brutal death metal band from Switzerland well known in the European underground: during the years Carnal Decay have reached a considerable amount of fans with a good number of killer shows around and this new album will not disappoint the most underground brutal maniacs. Grinding blasts, crushing and grooving  riffs without any concession to something of a little bit different. It’s clear that Carnal Decay know what they want and this is positive, but Chopping Off The Head is, in my opinion, too tied to what the real brutal death wants and doesn’t reach the peaks a medium album needs to become a masterpiece. All is well done and well played but all is also a little bit monotonous and colourless. I’m sure that many people will enjoy it but the most exigent ones will prefer bands of a different level. (review by Jacopo)

Label Name: 
Fastbeast Entertainment