Catastrophic Evolution - Road To Dismemberment

Road To dismemberment
Track Listing: 
  1. Road To Dismemberment
  2. What Was Happening
  3. The Dead End Well
  4. Keep On Walking
  5. You Never Have Peace
  6. Believe In Yourself
  7. The Infinite Loop Of Eternal Pain
  8. Mental Torment
  9. The Road Of Freedom
  10. The Devourer Of Souls
  11. Only Evil Will Survive



The Spanish-Italian combo Catastrophic Evolution has a new album out “Road To Dismemberment”, the previous album “The Origin” (2015) had good reviews and this is the continuation of that good work. Formed in 2013 by Oscar,  guitar and bass (With Al My Hate, ex - Dieyou…), Carlos on vocals (Thirst Of Revenge, Cerebral Torture, ex - Human Mincer…) and Marco the drummer (Devangelic,…). 

From their first day this is a brutal death metal machine, mercilessly. For this album they have changed label, now on Rotten Roll Rex. What we can found here is speed, brutality, growls, and all the standards in the scene, but with some touches that make some things different. Some guitar moments will give you a melodic feel but not a weak sound. Other point is that although they play extreme music, they do not fall in the constant slam death metal tempo. Only some heavy and crushing rhythms in the tracks but the rule is blast beats rhythms and fast bass drumming.

After a nice intro with sounds of nature, 'Road To Dismemberment' starts the apocalypse with a hard and heavy riff, also a very good ending. The next tracks are an example of how to play brutal death without looking to trends, this band have a way of doing it, and it is a good way. This is not the ultimate brutal death metal album, but a good one, they have not invented anything new on this album but they have done a good job and deserve a place in the underground scene.

I can not say what is the best track, everyone has good moments, some are more crushing, others with a little touch of melody, but sure all is good.

Label Name: 
Rotten Roll Rex