Chamber Of Torture - Cadaverous Omen

Cadaverous Omen
Track Listing: 

  1. Cadaverous Omen 
  2. Riot Of Cadavers  
  3. Partial Birth Aborion Rampage  
  4. Skeleton  
  5. Mattock Mauled Priest  
  6. Unholy, Undead And Unburied 
  7. At Dusk I Hunt  
  8. When The Dead Rapes A Corpse  
  9. Severe Necrosis



Russian death metal comes in many forms, Chamber Of Torture are more mid to slow paced in terms of delivery, with aggressive guitar work that plays hand in hand to hammer blow drum and bass sections. But this doesn’t mean it’s a full on listening experience. I do find some quarters of the album quite repetitive, then there’s a lead break in ‘When The Dead Rapes A Corpse’ that once started, takes a moment to settle down and sound in line with the rhythm section, so there are a few quirks here and there to contend with. That said, it’s an early version of Six Feet Under for me, pretty tight and meaty in delivery, but possesses sections that sway your complete attentiveness which for me comes from the bass sections. 

‘At Dusk I Hunt’ and ‘Mattock Mauled Priest’ are two tracks in question, however skip over to ‘Riot Of Cadavers’ then you have some somewhat groovy old style death metal, chunky and precise. The bands drummer is present in Pyre, another hammer barrage band, so the backbone here is strong. I really do this this is a decent release, so what am I in two minds about you may wonder? Well, strangly, I want some more technicality in the main song structures, its limited to the guitar solos. Something I never thought I would say, but that may enhance what’s currently recorded a touch more. This is the bands third release, and respectful it may well be, I am hoping for some more energy on the next effort to truly shut me up and make my jaw drop with surprise. It’s a reliable chunky death metal recordings, that’s rough around the (wrong) edges, but still worthy of your time. 

All recordings are available at a very reasonable price from their Bandcamp site.

Label Name: 
Eclectic Records