Chariots Of The Gods - Ages Unsung

Ages Unsung
Track Listing: 

  1. Primordial Dawn 
  2. Tusk  
  3. Of Prometheus And The Sacred Flame  
  4. War Of The Gods  
  5. As The Sky Falls 
  6. Resurrection  
  7. Through Darkness And Decay  
  8. Into Oblivion  
  9. New World  
  10. Ages Unsung



With my aging state of attention regarding metalcore/melodic death metal bands globally, it’s refreshing that bands like Canada’s Chariots Of The Gods breathe life into this vast market. After a brief hiatus and a change of line up, "Ages Unsung" comes to life with ‘Tusk’. The melodic death scene holds a lot to Sweden and this is where their main influence comes from. Although the guitar lick and clean vocal during ‘Tusk’ has me thinking of Killswitch Engage and some of their breakthrough material. The musicianship is immense, the production is killer as it should be. This was captured by Chris Donaldson, based in Montreal having previously worked with the likes of Cryptopsy. It not all about guitar marksmanship with this band, the arrangements have legs and travel very well leading to a well-crafted set of ten tracks in all. 

‘War Of The Gods’ shows more variation, toying with a light intro then going into battle with a massive bouncy melo-death drum and rhythm that you were admittedly expecting to hear. But you know what, you cannot fail to go with the bounce and enjoy the delivery. ‘As The Sky Falls’ picks up the pace and heartbeat of the band, again full of depth, a certain rewarding experience for the keen listener who likes an album that’s produced pretty much to perfection for this style, yes even the clean chorus lines hits your receptors with and instant fascination for more material.

Although there’s a lot, or there was a lot of this material around, its rewarding to find a band that hit the nail on the head with a perfect balance of the melodic and the aggressive within the spectrum of melodic death metal. They style itself has travelled well around the world, and this album should also as there is plenty of jewel features to shout about. As this is my second experience with this band, I will be more than happy to say that the hiatus and change of line up has taken this band to the next level for the sub-genre. "Ages Unsung" is one of those albums you should be talking about for years to come.

Label Name: 
Self released