Cote d'Aver - Proboscis Strangulation

Proboscis Strangulation
Track Listing: 
  1. Bitchslapped
  2. Clawhammer Castration
  3. Proboscis Strangulation
  4. Graveyard Fiesta
  5. Sacrificial Nun
  6. Three Days On A Rope
  7. Lymphatic Philariasis
  8. Regurgitating Guts
  9. Piss In My Ass
  10. Backstabbing Granny
  11. Formicphilliac


Crazy-Craazy-Crrraaazy…hehe. I like it a lot when bands of the brutal death metal sound add some flavor to their stuff, by joshing around, either lyrically, or by adding funny samples and stuff like that! So here we have Cote d'Aver from the Netherlands, on their self released (horns up), second full length album of 2013 called "Proboscis Strangulation".

A short intro from South Park, with Cartman stating that God bitch-slapped Kenny Mc Cormick, and the first song with title 'Bitchslapped', is now playing! Well played brutal death metal, with breaks and mostly mid tempo is what those fine gentlemen have to offer for this year. There are many speed breaks around, but these guys probably want to emphasize in groove! Aaand groove it is! The riffs are simple enough without technical exaggerations. Actually technicality is a word they seem to avoid a lot and I am saying avoid cos from the way they play it is obvious that these Dutch lunatics, are skilled and are capable of playing a lot more technical stuff than what they actually decide to play! Thats why I used the word avoid. They choose to play simple stuff, boosting the groove of their songs, making them perfect for a live show. And this whole simplicity cause, maybe be a lot more easy than I am going with! It might just be, the simplicity of the studio hangin out hours. You know, a six pack of beers, and jamming around some blues! Well in their case brutal deathgrind, with gruesome yet humorous lyrics! Exactly in their own words, and by listening to their stuff, I have no reason to disagree! Total live gig music! Their songs might be focusing on the groove of death metal, but they carry an intensity with them, that makes you wanna listen to this album again and again!

"Proboscis Strangulation" is a really good example amongst others, which proves that death metal is mainly a party music! Groovy riffs, a fat bass guitar, drums that know how to make each riff count, either by blasting it away or rocking it away, and a vocalist that growls and pig squeals until his throat is no more! The production is raw enough, but allows everything to be heard loud and clear. The best type of production needed for such an album! The only actual negative thing I could list on their behalf, is the fact that some times, some riffs seem out of the blue, you know you get the feeling that they were used only to make a song larger or something. But that of course is something you will forget on the second or third hearing of this album. And trust me. Cote d'Aver is a band that will have this effect on you. You know what I am talking about, the effect of playing the same shit over and over again without noticing how time passes by. It is a deathnbooze party lads. So let your selves loose and get to the party zone!

Label Name: 
Self released