Crator – The Ones Who Create: The Ones Who Destroy

The Ones Who Create: The Ones Who Destroy
Track Listing: 

  1. The Ouroboros Is Broken
  2. The Judge On War
  3. The Ones Who Create, The Ones Who Destroy
  4. The Great Stagnation
  5. The Sixth Genocide
  6. The Noble Lie
  7. The Collective
  8. The Echo That Conquers Voice
  9. The Unquiet Sky



A bit of a weird one this. Not a weird release it’s just hard to describe and review without sounding like I’m complaining. Let’s have a go… right. Crator is a new project featuring long term Origin drummer John Longstreth and newish Origin vocalist Jason Keyser who I am a big fan of (may I refer you to my review of Origin’s latest album "Omnipresent" on this very brutal site) Crator is a technical death metal band and this is a great solid enjoyable debut. 

The problem is that it sounds just like Origin. That’s not a bad thing I mean if this had Origin on its cover I’d happily have this as the new album. Ok Crator is a tad more melodic, a bit more atmospheric and proggy in places “The Sixth Genocide” for example has a nice spacey solo that’s pretty cool before the band return to slaying your eardrums, or Origin may be a tad more extreme and a bit more widdly in places but the differences are minimal. But I stress it’s a great album. It’s a solid 40 minutes of death metal that’s absolutely face melting and yes Origin fans absolutely should get this there no reason not to. It’s just hard as a reviewer to separate the two when describing it. 

So “The Ones Who Create: The Ones Who Destroy” is a great album from a great new band it’s just sounds like the singer and drummers other band which isn’t a big deal because it’s still really good. Confused? Not as much as me!

Label Name: 
Self Released