Creeping Flesh - Scorched

Track Listing: 

  1. Scorched  
  2. Trench Apostasy  
  3. Forever Onwards



From Sweden, this is a short EP of demos, assuming in preparation for a full length release, that gives you an insight into a relatively vast array of older death metal influences. With two EP’s already under their belt, it’s not your typical rotten old school death metal, but there are some characteristics of that sub-genre. 

The pace varies from track to track, ‘Scorched’ is a brash meaty assault, similar to Grave in approach in a slower vein as with their comeback period. The pace increases then it begins to encapsulate you. The solo is slightly melodic, but very fitting. ‘Trench Apostasy’ follows a similar arrangement with the vocals making the song a lot darker. ‘Forever Onwards’ ends the release and is a touch more expansive, more complex than the other two songs and incorporates a lot more groove.

Overall a good release, it follows the paths of others and is consistent. I would like the overall pace to be faster if I am honest, however it is still a good choice effort from a band making their addition to an already teeming scene.

Label Name: 
Self released