Critical Solution - Barbara The Witch

Barbara The Witch
Track Listing: 

  1. Natas Fo Live  
  2. The Village  
  3. Barbara The Witch  
  4. Red Hooded Devils  
  5. Peter Crow  
  6. The Burning Pyre  
  7. End Of The Beginning  
  8. The Headless Horsemen 
  9. Officer Green  
  10. A Lady In White  
  11. Return Of The Witch 
  12. Into The Abyss  
  13. Locked Up In Snow (cover King Diamond's Black Rose)  
  14. Let It Die (cover Ozzy Osbourne)  
  15. Killed By Death (cover Motörhead)  
  16. Iron Man (cover Black Sabbath)
  17. Speed King (cover Deep Purple)  
  18. Gypsy (cover Uriah Heep)



This is an interesting release. A concept album about the village of Natas and the Witch Barbara. As I have listened to this a fair few times, my appreciation has grown. My first impression was quality driven by the music, then this developed into immersion into the story that runs through the album track by track. Its not often such releases are as fulfilling, this is very good indeed.

Musically driven by a number of sources, there’s hard modern thrash in the majority and straight metal with the vocal phrasing verging into dare I say it SOAD territory on "The Burning Pyre". The vocals simply sound similar to Serj Tankian around 3.5 minutes of the 8 minute plus track. ‘Barbara The Witch’, ‘Officer Green’ and ‘The Headless Horsemen’ are really great tunes. The story that’s associated here immersed me into the village itself, you can just imagine one of those 70’s horror movies as a backdrop. All of the songs that convey the story have a great spooky sense, horror thrash maybe but I find this more entertaining for the story rather than the music. On their own, they have their own positive merits.

Overall, this is a solid effort. The second disc is classic covers, once you see the list, well, these have been mentioned lots of times over the years, all are great, especially the Uriah Heep one that has lots of power. The Black Rose cover is a little out of position, but the others are pretty much standard revelations of seasoned classics.

Label Name: 
Crime Records