Cytotoxin - Radiophobia

Track Listing: 

  1. Survival Matrix
  2. Ionosphere
  3. Frontier Of Perception
  4. Radiophobia
  5. Dead Zone Walkthrough
  6. The Red Forest
  7. Heirs Of Downfall
  8. Fallout Progeny
  9. Abysm Nucleus
  10. Prypjat



Cytotoxin are a band from Chemnitz Germany formed in 2010 comprising of Fonzo (guitar), Grimo (vocals), V.T (bass), and Ollie (drums).  The quartet’s passion for the Technical death metal scene  is clearly scene in their newest release radio phobia. Brutality and technique have come together in union of intense beauty.

From the start we’re immersed in Ollie’s drum blast beats one can only imagine how big his calves must be to pull off such a storm that get the heart pounding, guitar riffs that could melt the brain of most metal veterans such shredding has an endearing quality borderline hypnotic gives such intensity direction, Bassist V.T the master conductor manages to bind all this carnage together, Lastly layered over this Grimo this vocalist does the instrumentals true justice gutturals, growls, and some of the most phenomenal pig squeals I’ve ever heard not just belted but in a torrent  I wish I could see live to know if it could actually be accomplished.

In summary this is one of the best Technical death metal albums I’ve ever heard 37minute of none stop pounding of my eardrums equivalent to being placed between a hammer an anvil that has me begging for more, only the second album from Cytotoxin has me excited for a third. Wheather it’s listening to the albums or watching live shows you’d be doing yourself a big favour by checking these guys out. This very talented quartet have obviously poured their heart and souls into this creation.


Label Name: 
Unique Leader Records