Darkness - The Gasoline Solution

The Gasoline Solution
Track Listing: 

  1. Tinkerbell Must Die  
  2. Another Reich  
  3. Freedom On Parole  
  4. Welcome To Pain  
  5. L.A.W.  
  6. Pay A Man  
  7. The Gasoline Solution  
  8. Dressed In Red  
  9. This Bullet's For You



Germany’s Darkness were one of the great thrash bands and part of the second wave of German thrash, however, Darkness being Darkness, their album kicks your ass and provides much enlightened entertainment to become of the top thrash releases of the year and even moving towards the top tier. The gnarly presence, the delivery of harsh, fast and sometimes slow frantic guitar work really comes across as very much in the vibrant category. 

The opener 'Tinkerbell Must Die' is a solid starting point with its fast pace and genre defining style, whilst 'Another Reich' slows down and gives a stark commentary of a subject that could well be on many minds in recent times. Totally fitting and showing again that thrash bands are right on the money with their lyrical content. 

'Pay A Man' may be also something a lot of you have thought about in the past, I bet especially for work colleagues! Then we get to the title track that flows with very little effort, or rather sits rather naturally in your perception of what is a great German thrash album. Whilst I would never say that this is a technically perfect thrash release, it’s not meant to be, the energy you get from the overall pace and the arrangements makes this special. You have your typical acoustic intros mixed with thunderous pacey riffs and breakneck speed drumming, as I keep on saying the energy and the bands staying power is immense. 

If you are looking for an original German thrash release, then 'This Bullets For You' (pun intended!). It has all the hallmarks of the style, the delivery, pace and vocal style is pretty much in the extreme range and adrenaline junkies will adore this.

Label Name: 
High Roller Records