Dauthuz - Dauthuz

Track Listing: 

  1. When The Dying Ends
  2. Face The Fury
  3. Intense Rage
  4. Near Death



It appears that this new Dutch band is currently ensconced in a studio recording songs for their first full length as information is scant to say the least about the bands history but here we get their self released and self titled EP to give us death metal fanatics a taste of what the band is about. 

The starting track 'When The Dying Ends' is very familiar on its melody and similar to Bolt Thrower that offers a build up instrumental track that can serve as an intro to the next track or stand alone in its own right as a song. I love the atmospherics generated on this tune, emotive and powerful it sets the scene for the EP as it links into 'Face The Fury' remarkably well. The sound is exceptionally dense with a cavernous beastly vocal roar like a trapped bear in a cave warning you not to approach. Old school death metal is having a huge surge in bands and Dauthuz can add themselves to that ever expanding list of formidable acts.  The guitar sound is ultra low but not within the chainsaw style that bands in this genre seem to prefer as we get a proper gut disembowelling guitar tone. The Bolt Thrower comparisons detonate all over the place like landmines on this release but also we have very early Hypocrisy due to the grizzly riffing. 

'Intense Rage' starts in a lightweight fashion with a long double kick that eventually diminishes as the tune drops its pace into Six Feet Under territory complete with Chris Barnes like animalistic vocals. The tune resides in the slower style with the viscous bass work connecting well with the drums that are lower in the mix than I prefer personally but effective in dealing out the hammer blows required. The EP ends with 'Near Death' and has a cracking riff to start it off and here that Hypocrisy touch I mentioned is rendered in full guttural glory. The cymbal smashes catalyse the upsurge in speed before vocals filter in. As the track slows we get an awesome bass hook with accompanying death grunts as the lead takes the reins and make this track the best on here for me.  

This EP is a great foundation for the band to build on and I am really looking forward to the debut full length which I hope is sooner rather than later. Fans of old school death will lap this up if you're into Bolt Thrower (who isn't), Asphyx etc but also newer acts like Desolate Shrine, Discreation and Ghoulgotha.

Label Name: 
Self released