Diphenylchloroarsine - The 6 Level Purge

The 6 Level Purge
Track Listing: 

  1. LVL1 Contamination
  2. LVL2 Incubation
  3. LVL3 Infection (feat. Tony Secthdamon & Martin Funderud)
  4. LVL4 Eruption
  5. LVL5 Isolation
  6. LVL6 Extermination



First of all try to pronounce the name. Tough one hey? Actually those who happened to be fond of chemistry at school might find it a bit easier, as Diphenylchloroarsine is a bad ass chemical produced somewhere around 1878 and was used in chemical warfare. Besides that, it is also the name of this slam band featuring members of Kraanium and Fermented Masturbation. Once you get to suck their name, it all gets pretty obvious. This EP of them is a quick manual on how to play decent slam. The story here is all about contagious diseases and chemicals. 

The EP is called "The 6 Level Purge" and is truly a must for the fans of the genre. Heavy sounding guitars playing the soooo familiar fifth chords, in a manner that kind of makes your bowels boil. The bass guitar is sounding cement, following the riffs in each turn making the sound of them even more huge. The EP breaks in as a deadly disease would. 'Contamination'. A short intro and then get ready to crawl. Heavy chops and some really nice vocals in this one. Deep gutturals with an extended range hovering above this slam swamp the strings create. The songs themselves are big and have a wide variety of rhythms, all of course devoted to slam. From gravity blasts to groovy 4/4 double bass drum followed fifths. The hearing proceeds, and the titles follow the entire contagion procedure. After 'Contamination', we got 'Incubation', and then 'Infection', 'Eruption', 'Isolation' and finally 'Extermination'. The 6 steps a virus comes though up until its final destruction. Each song dedicated to one of them, and the EP just flows on and on. Really nice break in on 'Eruption'. Slowly building up speed, and maintain the groove, with many chops and breaks and the gurgler of the band simply relentless. 

The whole thing get's boosted even more by the production. Loud and heavy. The bass guitar has a really exquisite position in it, without of course diminishing the guitars or the drums or the vox. Everything here is loud as it should be. Clear but on the same time itchy as hell. It is how this damn genre should sound like and Diphenylchloroarsine nailed it. Can't be hard though cos we're talking about veterans on the scene here. The whole EP comes in a really cool artwork'n'package and it is not a surprise that it is released by. Guess who? Rotten Music. The 'A' stuff and all the slammers are out there looking for their physical copy. The Slam crew is getting bigger and I bet the catalogue of Rotten Music even more interesting with these bastards here. So… fellow slammers. Dig into it. Be careful though. Highly contagious!

Label Name: 
Rotten Music