Diphteria – The Human Exuberance

The Human Exuberance
Track Listing: 

  1. One Eye Control
  2. Monkey Dance
  3. Parasite
  4. Sun Is Kissing The Earth
  5. Made To Kill
  6. Equal
  7. Monuments Of Hope
  8. Outro
  9. White Dogma(Ala-Grind)



Back in late 2014 I reviewed this Czech Republic band’s self-titled EP which arrived on the back of a couple of full length releases. I was fairly positive about that release and this third album comprises nine tracks of sonic napalm spanning just 25 minutes. During those 25 minutes the listener is thrown headfirst into the firing range where the drums sound like artillery fire and are backed by an armoury of ferocious riffs. Starting this album with a fairly serene intro piece with electronics is clichéd but it works in producing a colossal contrast as the song explodes into life with no warning on 'One Eye Control'. The production and sound of the album has taken the tenets of the deathcore scene and bolstered it with the structure of ultra-brutal death metal as the album continues with a breakdown infestation that starts 'Monkey Dance' to prove my point.

For some the production will be a little too clean even though it suits the song writing style and outright aural vandalism the band has penned. 'Parasite' starts quietly and this contrast keeps the interest factor as you know that the eruption of riffs and drums is due but not quite sure when. The bands groove approach is similar to Kataklysm and Aborted in places but also there is a hefty dose of grind as 'Sun Is Kissing The Earth' so ably demonstrates. I really like 'Made To Kill', with its massive groove element on the drums and caustic riffing as that Aborted style is in full force here.  

The shortness of this album enables all the songs to retain sharp pin point focus without deviating into technical extremes for the sake of it making 'Equal' a standout for me on this release. 'Monuments Of Hope' offers a move into more intelligent realms with its Cannibal Corpse like riff before the insertion of core like drum work and stop-start riffing. If you want to pass 25 minutes and have your ears pummelled to oblivion, then this will do the job perfectly but if you want some technical than steer clear as Diphteria are about pulverising you to a pulp.

Label Name: 
L’Inphantile Collective