Distant Sun - Into The Nebula

Into The Nebula
Track Listing: 

  1. My Trust
  2. Game Of War
  3. God Emperor
  4. Inspired By Fear
  5. Andromeda
  6. The Battle That Never Ends
  7. Throne Of Iron
  8. The Tharks
  9. I Do Believe



Russia’s Distant Sun have a really interesting release on their hands with last year’s “Into The Nebula”. This album is chock full of twists and turns and all types of insane melodies that will keep any and all metal heads thrashing from now until the end of time.  I am really impressed with the balance the band has by incorporating all the elements of power, thrash, and even progressive sub-genres of metal. It is bands like this that will lead the next generation of metal musicians to create future metallic masterpieces. Having been in existence since 2010, Distant Sun have spent the last 7 years perfecting their sound and craft, so you can rest assured that these guys take their art and the very creation of their art, extremely seriously.

The riffs are pretty standard as far as the power and thrash genres goes, and the mixtures of these two genres is an excellent mix of “give and take”. One does not overpower the other and it is easy to pick up on influences such as Annihilator, Realm, Atrophy, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, and other bands such as these. The solos seem to take on a somewhat progressive vibe with a thrash/power overtone reminiscent of what it would sound like if members of Dream Theater were having a jam session of Overkill tunes. In all seriousness, the guitar work is absolutely insane! Everything is crisp and precise and spectacularly orchestrated to give us all the highest level of quality musicianship that metal heads look for in bands like this. There is nothing really special about the drums, but the style played and the patterns chosen for this material is second to none. The pieces of this musical puzzle interlock perfectly and almost seamlessly. The vocalist has a style that seems he incorporates a unity of progressive, thrash, and power metal styles and the outcome is a quite unique vocal delivery. I can’t really pinpoint any vocalist that sounds similar to this guy. He’s really good!  This definitely won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re into any of the bands mentioned above, then chances are you’re going to love this band and album. 

“Into The Nebula” is Distant Sun’s 2nd full length effort, but it sounds like they’ve been making albums like this for years. It is quite evident that these guys put a lot of work into this album. There are a lot of multi-genre bands whose intensity doesn’t come close to Distant Sun. In listening to this release, I wondered what it would be like to see these guys live. If I were to judge a live show by the delivery of the material on this CD, I would bet that their stage presence is close to phenomenal. I would like to see these guys put out a live CD sometime in the future. I think something like that would only solidify their foothold in the metal underground.

Label Name: 
Metalism Records