Dying Fetus - Descend Into Depravity

Descend Into Depravity
Track Listing: 

1. Your Treachery Will Die With You
2. Shepherd's Commandment
3. Hopeless Insurrection
4. Conceived Into Enslavement
5. Atrocious By Nature
6. Descend Into Depravity
7. At What Expense
8. Ethos Of Coercion


Marylands Dying Fetus has been around since 1991 and are probably one of the worlds most hard working and influential deathmetal-acts. Touring the world quite a few laps and selling a bunch of records for certain, I can't help to think they've had difficulties reaching the songwriting level and, in my opinion, the peak they had with their masterpiece 'Destroy the opposition' (2000, fourth album, first on Relapse records). 'Descend into depravity' got all the ingredients I missed in the last two albums 'Stop at nothing' (2003) and 'War of attrition' (2007). I don't now if the rotation in members has caused too much drama and has infected the music but todays line-up seem to be a winning one. Sean Beasley (bass, vocals) has managed to stick around for three albums with the bandleader John Gallagher (guitar, vocals) which must be some kind of record when it comes to Dying Fetus. The tight team work together as a trio with the new drummer Trey Williams. And what do we get? A first-class ticket to extreme,brutal and unique deathmetal-land if you ask me. Blistering guitar riffs on furious blast-beating drums and on top of that, Sean and Johns twisted growling that sounds like bears fighting. There's plenty of parts in the speed of light, but if you're into heavy and groovy stuff, don't worry, you'll get your share too. It's not conventional songwriting, which it never is when it comes to deathmetal, and it sure are a lot of hooks and speedchanges, but where many bands tend to get boring Dying Fetus just makes me want more. The album is intresting all the way and the production is flawless as well. But still, and call me old-fashioned if you want, it's just not `Destroy the opposition'. Maybe next time...

Label Name: 
Relapse Records