Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme

Reign Supreme
Track Listing: 
  1. Invert The Idols
  2. Subjected To A Beating
  3. Second Skin
  4. From Womb To Waste
  5. Dissidence
  6. In The Trenches
  7. Devout Atrocity
  8. Revisionist Past
  9. The Power Of Blood


Dying Fetus is one of those names in Metal that everyone pretty much knows on the Death Metal side. Starting out in 1991, they've clawed and bellowed their way to being known as one of the more respectable groups that has always had a solid sound and never really faltered along the way. Best known for their technical drumming and switching between fast, obliterating passages to slower, more rhythmic death n' roll chugs, there has always been a solid balance between the two. On 'Reign Supreme' they seem to take a step back in the past to a style similar to 'Destroy The Opposition' : a lot more groove involved with their riffs as opposed to just flat out destroying as they seem to have done on their latest works. As far as themes go they're still delving into the dead and depraved, similar to Cannibal Corpse, but with a little more precision and taste behind the lyrics. It's not politically charged but still manages to shake things up. Tracks like "From Womb To Waste" hit hard on the entire abortion theme with a gory, dismal view and a slow, churning pace that isn't quite a techincal as their other moments, but the vocals can definitely be heard to get their message across.

Other tracks like "Dissidence" are faster and have that maddening guitar touch that feels like they're playing inhumanely fast to keep up with the drums in bursts, but at the same time the overall pace still fills like it is slow enough to sink into rather than constantly feel like one has to catch up with it. "Revisionist Past" has some of the better selection of guitar solos, but the closing "The Power Of Blood" features one of Dying Fetus's more melodic moments with its solo. Vocally, the band still sounds better than ever switching between the low, barking growl to the more high pitched screech. It certainly still feels like the Grindcore-ish days of their demo work, but unlike the band's earlier days, the current Dying Fetus have evolved to much more than just playing their instruments as fast as possible without much thought to music structure. 'Reign Surpreme' definitely allows them to reclaim their place on the throne to the naysayers who felt that 'War Of Attrition' and 'Descend Into Depravity' were sell out albums or just didn't have the precise fury that a show stopper like 'Stop At Nothing' proved back in 2003. This isn't exactly music for the faint of heart, not only the lyrical side but also instrumental as there are so many passages that will completely amaze listeners, but Dying Fetus present a slab of Death Metal that will prove to new and old listeners just why they are so good.


Label Name: 
Relapse Records