Dying Fetus - War On Attrition

War On Attrition
Track Listing: 

1. Homicidal Retribution
2. Fate Of The Condemned
3. The Anicent Rivalry
4. Unadulterated Hatred
5. Raping The System
6. Insidious Repression
7. Parasites Of Catastrophe
8. Obsolete Deterrence


The masters of extreme metal return after a four year break. Their latest slaughter was from 2003 called "Stop At Nothing" and since then they have been working on this new album. And it was worth the wait. Great skills on the instruments and convincing writing. Songs that are very powerful and breathing a threatening atmosphere in the mid paced parts. While going on pulverizing attacks in the blasts. Nice raw vocals and guitars that slam from left to right and back with fury leads. Beside all this thunder they manage to put a death metal groove which prevent the monotonous in an album. With"War Of Attrition" the band proves to be still in the top ranks of brutal death metal with a powerful and speedy album.

Label Name: 
Relapse Records