Dying – No Mercy For Us

No Mercy For Us
Track Listing: 

  1. From Chrysalis To Worm
  2. Stop Breathing
  3. PU-239
  4. Arrival Of Decadence
  5. Torturer God
  6. Humans
  7. Chronicles Of Insanity
  8. Throne Of Lies



The fact that this album is on Sevared Records will be enough for some death metal fans to just go out and buy this album on the strength of that alone. Indeed it would certainly do that for me, as there are some labels like this alongside others like Comatose Music, Dark Descent, FDA Records, you get the picture that have a roster that could feed your death metal habit for the rest of your life and this Spanish band has enough bludgeoning power to satisfy most death metal fans even if what is on offer is unoriginal by today’s standards. 

This is the bands sophomore effort and has taken eight years to be released and follows the bands very tasty debut “Born From Impurity”. Eight years is a long time and comparisons to that album are irrelevant as this album opens with a sample that develops into the sharp riffing of 'From Chrysalis To Worm'. Noticeably the production is clinically defined, especially on the drum sound, like a lot of brutal death metal albums are, which often renders the atmosphere a little sterile as the speed is relentless, delivered in waves within a myriad of vocal styles. Death metal aficionados will immediately spot references to Cannibal Corpse especially vocally as the guy often sounds like he’s being strangled before letting out bellowing gasps that work extremely well. His tone also dips into Sven de Caluwé (Aborted) like screams that are utilised to great effect. There are tons of recognisable influences on this album. That whilst familiar aren’t cloned as 'Stop Breathing' is immediately Obituary complete with a fuzzy bass run as the song steadily intensifies towards the double kick run. 

Being original in music is nigh on impossible these days as 'Pu-239', a reference to an isotope of plutonium which I’m assuming is about the fact it is used in nuclear missiles as the double kick that starts the song is very Deicide like but linked to multiple tempo changes a facet that this album uses a lot and to good effect. I really liked the bass riff that starts 'Arrival Of Decadence' as even here your death metal influence radar will be flashing repeatedly but I’ll refrain from saying anything as the song stamps on the gas as the vocals head into an abyssal tone of ultra-lowness. Dying have a knack of unleashing supremely vicious riffs that catch the ear before quickly shifting pace and those ever morphing dynamics is what keep this album from stagnating in a quagmire of mediocrity as 'Humans' possesses fine bass work amidst some dextrous guitar breaks. The drumming underpins the wealth of tempo changes that occur tangentially and whilst I’d prefer a more organic sound the skill is undeniable. 'Chronicles Of Insanity' begins like a doom death tune, sort of like Asphyx or Autopsy, with a slow penetrating riff and lead break, the song builds incrementally with some truly grisly vocals, as the riff break and blast are massive. Closing the album is 'Throne Of Lies', a manic double kick blasting assault, initially the song seems to career uncontrollably before reining the speed in with a cracking riff that is thrash based with a grating sharpness and frenzied lead break that follows. 

Initial listens to this album I was rather nonplussed with it and stuck it to the bottom of my listening pile but it is definitely one that grows on you that will satisfy the discerning death metal connoisseur.

Label Name: 
Sevared Records