Encrypted - The Purge

The Purge
Track Listing: 

  1. Oppose
  2. Doomed
  3. Era Of Nothingness
  4. Order Of Purity



This is a two man project from Northern Germany taking in the old school sound of both Scandinavia and the US, especially the meatier style of Obituary. Whilst an earlier demo had a mixed influence, "The Purge" is all death metal. ‘Doomed’ is a particular bruiser to get your head around. Mid paced and often merging into a howling Asphyx style. Of the faster tracks there’s a mix of Swedeath and Obituary as mentioned earlier on ‘Order Of Purity’. The style is pretty much nailed, the arrangements are perfectly executed and comparable to some of the bigger names in this field. Whether you take that on board is not in question, nor is the quality on offer. The vocals could be a little louder in the mix, but what you get is perfectly desirable to your rotten needs. The opener ‘Oppose’ is rather fast, furious and full of fight and gives a gnarly start to the release before slowing the pace down a touch to get more low end and somewhat groove orientated. A well-crafted arrangement indeed. 

With so many bands doing the rounds, it’s a tough field to be in, quality does shine through though. This one will certainly be getting many more spins in the future and tracking down more material is certainly a must. It is refreshing to hear a band not sounding like the bastard sons of Entombed or Dismember. So take a positive from that, Encrypted delve into the ancient sounds of old school death metal and come out with their own brand of filth.

Label Name: 
Star Spawn Society