Eteritus - Following The Ancient Path

Following The Ancient Path
Track Listing: 

  1. Intro
  2. Biocentric
  3. Hellish Imagery
  4. The Unliving Thing
  5. Eye Of The Storm
  6. Incinerator
  7. Somber Mind
  8. End Of Line
  9. Mortal Prophecy



As we are all aware Poland don’t do bad death metal bands. With Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated just to name some obvious choices the bar is set very high for new bands to aspire to. 

With one EP under their belts Eteritus release their debut album "Following The Ancient Path". Starting off with a melodic intro track the band kick into 'Biocentric' with a pummeling verse and mid paced chorus the track brings to mind the usual suspects from Vader to Morbid Angel. The album on the hole brings to mind the 90’s heyday of death metal but with modern studio sheen. For some reason also, the guitar work on here reminds me a lot of Testament. Be it the lead work, the guitar sounds I can’t quite put my finger on it but on Testament’s later albums from "Low" onwards incorporated elements of thrash, death metal melody and darkness and that’s what Eteritus do so well on this record. These are well thought out songs and the band make good use of melodies to build up atmosphere which adds to the heaviness. They chop and change the pace and tone throughout the album keeping things interesting while maintaining their style. 'Somber Mind' sums everything up nicely, it’s a tune!

While Eteritus are not the most original of bands "Following The Ancient Path" is a solid 30 minutes statement of intent. They know what they want to do and that is simply put their stamp on the genre. While the standard is set and this album is a well executed and enjoyable listen I think in the long run they will have to carve out more of an individual identity so not to become a drop in the ocean of death metal. However this is only a debut and they have got time and are worthy contenders. 

A strong debut from a band with stack of potential that’s well worth your time, not world beaters just yet but store safely under "ones to watch".

Label Name: 
Godz ov War Productions