Evil Reborn - Throne Of Insanity

Throne Of Insanity
Track Listing: 

  1. Black Dahlia 
  2. Evil Reborn  
  3. Adicción Visceral  
  4. Possessed Angels  
  5. A Morbid Encounter 
  6. Destroying The Trinity  
  7. Throne Of Insanity  
  8. Night Killer  
  9. Bendita Malevolencia



Evil Reborn is a Venezuelan death metal band formed in 2012, with an EP behind them, this is their first full length album, and it’s fair to say it’s a killing machine of near death perfection. Taking all the charms and evil sounds from the classics, Evil Reborn could have easily formed in Florida, , but it’s not all hero worship, there are some modern death metal influences added for good measure and some nods to Swedish old school, but more so in the vocal representation than musically. Thus, this is one of the most authentic releases to date in this field of filth. 

We’ve established that this album is heavily rooted in the early 1990’s, we could end this here, I won’t have much more to say to be honest as I am far more concerned with enjoying this album. But for the purists, there’s plenty of variation, twists and turns, tempo changes, blast beats, standard beats all wrapped up in a triumphant recording. The ambience, the organic sound is pretty special too. ‘Possessed Angels’ has some pace, with enough compression in the sound to chop the rhythm in two and vocally to squeal and scream into a slight groove with a heads down approach. ‘Destroying The Trinity’ growls into the undead souls of the underworld, you may find some Deicide, some Morbid Angel, and you’ll definitely find plenty of fury. 

I find this release has something for everyone from the hardened old school death metal fan, to those who embrace the various branches of the death metal tree, to those who find everything they listen to an ugly filthy fact of life, even some of sceptics may pause for thought. There’s a tirade coming, this releases jewel is the production, the annihilated earthen foundation is crawling from the underworld, there’s a time to be melodic, old school and downright extreme and "Throne Of Insanity" captures it all. This is an album that I can highly recommend, it’s your mission to hunt this down, there’s only 500 physical copies produced thus far.

Label Name: 
Satanath Records