FAM - Human Cargo

Human Cargo
Track Listing: 

  1. Junkie  
  2. X  
  3. About Us  
  4. VI 
  5. Bukowski  
  6. Belt 
  7. Szpion  
  8. Human Cargo  
  9. Let's Share A Cigarette 
  10. From Chełm With Love  
  11. Politician  
  12. PKP Hangover  
  13. Loneliness 
  14. All Swept Away (cover My Dying Bride)



Furor Arma Ministrat from Poland are a death/grind band. The furious introduction is typical of modern grind bands. The gruff vocals of modern death metal and a few pig squeals here and there are added for artistic effect, personally speaking, meh. However, the overall spark of the release is right up on par with some of the most recent material in this subgenre. 

Moving on through the release, I haven’t found much that changes the image of the first couple of songs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as I find the material overall worthy, I just don’t jump up and down a lot whilst I am spinning the tunes. It is what you may have come to expect for the majority of the time. The production is brutal, furious and the musicians certainly make a lot of noise in the process. I myself am not sure of the My Dying Bride cover from their ‘Like Gods of the Sun’ album, it wasn’t at the time or in retrospect a notable release, but with all of these covers it is good to hear different interpretations rather than a karaoke version of the same track. 

Overall, a fulfilling release, there are others out there that maybe considered greater, however, with what FAM produce, this is more than enough to temper your aggression and let it all come flooding out in a spat of fury and rage.

Label Name: 
Deformeathing Production