Feral - Dragged To The Altar

Dragged To The Altar
Track Listing: 

1. Once Inside The Tomb
2. Altar Of Necromancy
3. Judas
4. Welcome To The Graveyard
5. Howling
6. The Deathbog
7. Graverobber
8. The Curse Of The Casket
9. Behead The Crucifix
10. Malevolent Summoning
11. Outro


Death-n-Roll outfit Feral brings us their release entitled "Dragged to the Altar". This album has some good aggression and musicianship. The guitar is groovy and and there is some nice chunky bass going on. However, the real highlight of the album is the lightning fast footwork and blast beats coming from the drums. The drum work on this album is quite impressive.

"Dragged to the Altar" is more on the death side of spectrum, and while it does have an aggressive feel to it, it seems to be lacking anything of substance. Music should make the listener feel something and this album just doesn't do it for me. There isn't enough complexity or depth. I also think this album is lacking in terms of originality. Vocally it's mediocre and the guitar riffs don't have much power behing them. While the potential is definitely there, after a couple of songs it is clear most of the album is fairly repetitive.  

Overall, this is a fairly good release and I see much potential and talent in these guys. This is not the best release but certainly not the worst. If you're a fan of Death-n-Roll check them out for yourself.

Label Name: 
Ibex Moon Records