Feral - From The Mortuary

From The Mortuary
Track Listing: 

  1. The Hand Of The Devil  
  2. Reborn In The Morgue  
  3. The Cult Of The Head 
  4. The Rite  
  5. Necrofilthiac (2016)  
  6. Relentless (cover Pentagram)



You can always rely on the rotten death metal filth of Sweden’s Feral, long have I been an admirer and this EP doesn’t disappoint at all, you get what you expect.  Ferocious power comes through the guitars, the sinister grunt of the vocals does bear comparisons to one the usual suspects, but let’s not forget, you can compare too many bands, and it isn’t fair on Feral as they have their own presence. ‘Reborn In The Morgue’ bursts into life, fast, regurgitating filth and fury and the guitar riffs, well they just make the air guitar champion out of the listener. The melodic lead break works really well also before settling into a head smashing assault. The opener ‘The Hand Of The Devil’ is low end heavy, the guitar sustain is immense which then blood curdling fluid into your own veins. The running riff is cool, the power of that sustain really keeps it all going s what would be dead spaces in the music, happens to merge all into one.

Whilst not the first of recent times in the swedeath field to take on cover versions of songs in completely different sub-genres, Feral take on Pentagram’s ‘Relentless’. This is thoroughly updated to the Feral sound, it’s on its own merit really as it definitely doesn’t follow the feel of the original recording, something redeeming for cover versions overall I feel, a job well done. 

Filthy OSDM, easy to say, much better to listen to though I guarantee. Feral are one of the leaders in this field of late and this EP doesn’t lower expectations one bit.

Label Name: 
Cyclone Empire