Feral - Graverobber

Track Listing: 

1. Graverobber
2. Corspe of the Abyss
3. Grim Winternight!
4. Evil Monster
5. Something is Evil Tonight
6. Judas
7. Dead is Dead is Dead is You! (Dead)
8. Howling
9. The Devil and the Black Hell


Once there was a band in Sweden called Feral that was formed in 2003 and released two demos. But the band has split up.
Once there was a band in Sweden called Valmer & Hook founded by two members in 2003. After two demos they changed the name to Feral and in 2007 they released their demo "Graverobber".
But keep in mind that the two aformentioned Ferals arre not the same and here we are talking about the active one.
On "Graverobber" you will hear 9 tracks in a mixture of death metal and rock n roll. With vocals that are growling and drums that keep the speed. The guitars are doing that rock n roll touch with their melodic and swinging riffs. And the leads they pou r out have that dirt rock sound. The tempo is interacting with groovy midparts and pushing up tempo. Feral is even using chorusses to sing along like in the track "Judas" when they sing: "Judas, Judas, You stabbed my back and pissed on my grave"! And if you want to read the whole text just visit their homepage. And suggest you do as you can hear couple of songs and see lots of video.
Feral delivered with this demo (good sound) which is very entertaining.

Label Name: 
Self released