Fetid Zombie - Epicedia

Track Listing: 

  1. Lowered Beneath 
  2. Devour The Virtuous  
  3. Devour The Innocent 
  4. If The Dead Could Speak



Famous artist Mark Riddick returns with another Fetid Zombie release. It’s been a while and I have missed a few releases (of which there are many!), so from what I was expecting based on the first couple of releases, is so much different to what this release has to offer. By that I mean there’s much more experimentation with different styles, with such infectious guitar pieces that would sit well with solo material by say Marty Friedman and Steve Vai. It’s not all pummelling extreme death metal. 

‘Lowered Beneath’ starts out as older FZ material, there’s some strange aggressive vocals, and then we go off on a tangent of experimentation. The same with all the tracks. There’s lots of empty space in musical terms which usually follows some intense death metal. With each track knocking around the eight minute mark, there may be only four tracks but there’s a lot to get through. I actually find the slower, lighter sections much more appealing than the older style death metal. I simply find this a warmer experience. The fast and heavy does sound beefy enough but that by no means should damper you enjoyment, that’s just a personal preference I have found.

Label Name: 
Transcending Obscurity