Fetor - Abandoned Hope

Abandoned Hope
Track Listing: 

  1. Proclamation Of Brutality (Intro)
  2. Abandoned Hope
  3. At The Cradle Of Judas
  4. The Stench Upon Vultures Nest
  5. Worms In The Cross Of Jesus
  6. From Neck To Crotch
  7. Needle In The Nail
  8. Show Me What You Have Got Inside
  9. Spanish Shoes
  10. Hangman's Dream
  11. Rusty Knife Between Your Eyes



Ok, I’ve been waiting for this one. Been wary of these guys since their first release as a band, in 2015. It was this split CD they participated and their material seemed sssssooooo promising. A year later, Fetor give out their full length under Rotten Music (same one as the split). 2016 and "Abandoned Hope" is with me slamming my stereo. Heavy as fuck. Mostly mid tempo but brutal and relentless. A short intro breaks the silence and then the first song gives out the intentions these sick Polish freaks have. Slam riffs along with a heavy bass form a granite wall which combined to the mid tempo groovy beats and the deep guttural vocals create a heavy, brutal tone unmatched. Brutality at its finest with these guys here. Not for poets and not for the feather hearted.

The hearing proceeds and what can be listed among the many pluses of this album is the length of the songs. 2:30 mid duration and this means that this album will not get tiresome. 4th track in and the slam beats swarm from the speakers. 5th track goes by the poetic title 'Worms In The Cross Of Jesus' and damn it couldn’t be more awesome. Starts mid tempo slamming its way through gutturals and brutality up to a point when a break follows and then bursts into relentless blast beating. It is a brutal death metal swirl these guys have created here, I’m tellin ya. Can’t get yourself out of it and you definitely will follow their flow. 'From Neck To Crotch', 'Needle In The Nail', 'Spanish Shoes' and the party simply can’t stop. Everything you want to hear from a brutal slamming album is there. The chops, the heavy sound, the fat bass, the relentless gurgler behind the mic, and last but not least….THE PRODUCTION.

Fetor’s music is awesome by itself no doubt. But the production here makes things even better. Kind of boosts this bomb. Fat and dirty but also loud and clear. Everything has its special place here and everything works on making the outcome even more extreme. The hearing process comes to its end with Rusty knife between your eyes, which is the biggest song in this first full length from Fetor. Brutal in its entry and damn it what an awesome way to close an album. The titles might be a bit cliché but who gives a fuck. It all adds to the simplicity of this album. Brutality comes through simplicity they say, and in Fetor’s case they just nailed it.

Label Name: 
Rotten Music