Fluffy Fuckbeast - Promo 2016

Promo 2016
Track Listing: 

  1. Teddybear Riot
  2. Big Butt Bat
  3. Raped By A Unicorn 
  4. Love Potion No. 9 
  5. Sniperslug
  6. Lawnmower vs. Hedgehog



Yep. Now that’s what I’d call music to break your neck. These crazy Germans have nailed it. Crust-Grind to the bone. This promo of theirs consists of 7 songs which in my opinion are a fine blend of grind, crust and relentless rock n roll. Yep. That’s all there is to it. You can tell by the name of course but the point here is that once the play button is pushed, and leaving the goofy sounding track titles aside, what you get is grind to make even the most demanding listener get in a pit. 

'Teddybear Riot' is the first song to start the pit. A classic uptempo crust recipe seasoned with the craziness these dudes possess. An up tempo track ideal for opening the promo. Second is 'Big Butt Bat', and be careful here because after 20 secs it gives its place to the next. 20 seconds of sheer wrath expressed through a crazed riff under a relentless blast beat. 'Raped By A Unicorn' is probably the album hit. Typical crust riffs and drum beats. The vocals are sssooo tight in this one. Not grunts and not squeals although somewhere in the middle you will come up with some deep growls. Most of it is harsh vocals, so fitting for it, and the sample of a man being raped by a unicorn apparently in the end. 

'Love Potion No.9' is the 5th. Grind at its finest. Full of rock n roll mood and ready to suck you in its swirl. Fully blasted and after a short intro comes the 6th one called 'Sniperslug'. Just by reading the titles of the songs you should be intimidated to check on those guys. I mean… there are thousands of bands owning crazy stupid titles and music wise they suck. But these lunatics here have both. 'Sniperslug' is the song with the most growls you’ll ever come up with in this promo. Last song is 'Lawn Mower vs Hedgehog'. A brutal swirling intro riff, and then it all goes wild. A short shot of dynamite is what this is. Promo ends and what you will want to do for sure is push the play button again. 

Summing up on this I have to say that this is not the end of the world. Fluffy Fuckbeast’s music isn’t the most original music in this genre. But this is not what they were aiming for. You can’t possibly get original playing crust-grind. But I have to tell ya. What is left after the hearing is the large dose of fun these guys have. The tracks are fresh and they create a swirl that sucks you in instantly. It is simple.  Just a six pack of beer, rock n roll attitude and there you have it. No need for further analysis. I just found what’ll haunt my stereo for the next 2-3 months. They said it in one of their lyrics. Push play and…One Two Kung Fu.

Label Name: 
Self released